Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley considering phasing out gas stations

The Comox Valley Regional District in British Columbia is considering changing zoning rules to start to phase out gas stations. The district’s staff is looking at the idea of shifting the focus from petroleum-based service stations to hydrogen fuel and EV charging.

The change in zoning would not force existing petroleum-based gas stations to close. However, these stations would be considered ‘legally non-compliant and be unable to add new pumps.

New service stations could open if the change goes forward, but they could not provide petroleum-based fuels, reports CBC News.

According to Mark Jaccard with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, this policy is not the most effective. Instead, Jaccard argues that the most effective approaches are ones that give advantages to those driving EVs. Things such as mandating shopping centres to provide EV-only parking spots near the entrance or prime-street parking spots for EVs are more effective.

This consideration is only part of the work that the Comox Valley Regional District is looking at. The district is also looking at installing additional charging stations and parking incentives.

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