City of Nelson follows Saanich’s lead and introduces EV charging infrastructure plan

Earlier this year, a small municipality on Vancouver Island, Saanich, introduced a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure plan. The plan called for 100% of new residential construction to require EV charging outlets, and up to 5% of new parking spaces in Institutional, Commercial and Industrial land use zones will also require EV charging spots.

It appears that Saanich has started a trend, with another municipality in BC following their lead. This week, the City of Nelson introduced similar new rules that govern EV charging infrastructure in new construction.

Beginning in 2020, any new multi-family building constructed within city limits must have a minimum of one Level 2 charing outlet for every dwelling. That would mean for a 50 unit apartment building, developers must install 50 Level 2 charging outlets.

Additionally, developers must also include one Level 2 charger for 20% of parking stalls in any newly constructed institutional, Commercial, Industrial land, mixed-use, and public buildings.

One item Nelson introduced that Saanich did not is that all new gas stations constructed from 2020 onwards must have public charging stations as well.

h/t [Nelson Star]

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