Chilliwack metal sculptor creating 6-foot tall Elon Musk head to sit atop 30-foot long goat body to promote Elon GOAT Token ($EGT)

A metal sculptor based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia is currently working on what is his strangest job yet.

Kevin Stone is creating a massive 6-foot tall head of Elon Musk. If that isn’t strange enough, he is also building a 30-foot long body of a goat for the head to sit on.

The project was commissioned by the cryptocurrency known as Elon GOAT Token ($EGT).

According to $EGT’s website, they plan to tow it from Canada to California to present it to Elon Musk himself.

“Elon Goat Token is building a biblical sized monument on the back of a semi-trailer dedicated to the godfather of crypto, Elon Musk. When the Elon goat is complete, we’re towing it to Tesla and demanding that Elon claims his goat! The Elon goat monument will serve as an anchor to the token and as a tribute to the world’s crypto community,” the website reads.

It won’t just be a goat with the head of Musk, but “will feature real rocket fire, smoke, lasers, concert lighting and music. It will be a global spectacle that is sure to go viral beyond crypto and into mainstream media.”

It will still be a while until we see the finished product. Stone has four months to complete the project, but expects to be done in about half that time.

When it is complete, it will go on a two-week long tour before being parked outside Tesla for Musk to claim, according to a report by The Chilliwack Progress.

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