First Tesla Model 3 lands in Elon Musk’s home country of South Africa

Tesla fans in South Africa has been waiting patiently for the company to expand and officially open up sales in the birthplace of CEO Elon Musk.

While Tesla hasn’t made any announcements about offering their cars for sale, the very first Model 3 has now arrived in South Africa.

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The Long Range (LR) Model 3 was imported from the United Kingdom and arrived in the coastal town of Ballito late last month.

Drive Tesla reader @Hein_The_Slayer made the nearly 1-hour drive from nearby Durban to check it out, sharing these photos and his excitement at finally seeing a Model 3 in person.

According to the South African motoring publication Motor Magnet, the electric sedan was imported by a private customer in Ballito. The company who imported the vehicle is expecting to bring more into the country early next year.

The Model 3 now joins the only other Tesla in South Africa, a Model X that was imported earlier this year.

For now the Model 3 is sitting alongside a Mercedes SLS AMG on a car dealer’s lot awaiting homologation (i.e., certification) for use on South African roads.

You can check out more photos from @ballito_supercars, who initially posted the find on their Instagram account.


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