CATL to launch new battery cell with 13% more energy than Tesla’s 4680

Tesla battery supplier CATL is preparing to launch its latest cell to pack (CTP) which they claim has 13% more energy than Tesla’s 4680 cells.

Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL said at the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum the new battery is referred to internally as ‘Kirin’.

He noted that they were able to achieve the milestone figure in September 2020, the same month Tesla unveiled their 4680 cell at Battery Day. (via Yicai Global)

The company didn’t release its production timeline for Kirin, but local media are reporting its third generation CTP technology will launch in April.

Along with this new battery, Kai also revealed their 1,000km (621 mile) battery will be ready to enter production in 2023.

Tesla has produced over 1,000,000 4680 battery cells so far from its production facility on Kato Rd.

The company hopes to grow that number significantly in the coming months once the 4680 production line at Giga Texas comes online.

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