CATL soon to begin making M3P batteries, offering a substantial increase in range

One of the often barriers to switching to electric is concern about driving ranges, which some find inadequate. However, Tesla supplier CATL has revealed its solution to the problem, which will be available soon; M3P batteries, delivering a huge boost in EV driving ranges.

CATL is the world’s largest battery maker, and it has promised a fix for the driving range problem that is making people hesitate to ditch their ICEs. The Chinese company announced last year it was working on a new battery that is 15% denser than lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) batteries. Company chairman Zeng Yuqun has now provided an update on the battery project at an investor briefing, as reported by The Driven.

According to Yuqun, CATL has achieved a 210 kWh/kg energy density for the M3P battery. The gain will boost the Tesla Model 3’s driving range to about 700 km (435 miles). This increase comes in a battery pack similar in size to those CATL supplies to Tesla.

The new M3P battery will allow CATL to maintain its lead in the global battery industry regarding energy density, costs, and performance. The company accounts for over one-third of worldwide battery supply, with big names like Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford. It is setting up a 70 GWh battery plant near Tesla’s Giga Shanghai in China.

Tesla is rumored to be soon powering Model 3’s made in China with the new M3P battery.

CATL has not revealed the chemical composition of the M3P battery. However, it is believed to improve the LFP chemistry, replacing the iron with a proprietary mixture of magnesium, zinc, and aluminum. The mixture is responsible for the higher energy density.

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