Canada’s Exco Technologies partnering with Tesla for Giga Press development

Tesla is partnering with Canadian-based Exco Technologies Limited for its Giga Press development.

Exco Technologies designs and develops dies, molds, assemblies, and casting for automotive clients, and has locations in Markham, Newmarket, and Uxbridge, Ontario

The company’s CEO confirmed they were working with Tesla on an Earnings Call on Thursday.

According to a transcript of the call, Exco supplies Tesla with shot-end tooling parts for their Giga Presses.

“Castool is the primary supplier for much of Tesla shot-end tooling for its giga presses, and expect to expand this relationship as Tesla ramps up its new facilities in Texas and Berlin any week now. More broadly, we also expect to benefit from the trend towards larger and more complex castings across the industry as traditional OEMs inevitably pursue a similar process,” said Exco CEO Darren Kirk. (via Seeking Alpha)

However, the company did not provide any specific details on how it plans to expand its partnership with Tesla, reports Teslarati.

Tesla’s focus on making the manufacturing process efficient led them to introduce the Giga Press. The machine is capable of casting chassis and bodies of Tesla vehicles quickly.

For all of the presses in current operation, Tesla partnered with Italian-company IDRA. The company designed and installed the Giga Presses at Fremont, Giga Texas and Giga Berlin.

One thing is clear though, casting will be the most significant advantage for the automaker to ramp up assembly efforts at its factories.

Unlike traditional auto manufacturing, Tesla’s ability to make a cast for each car in mere seconds is revolutionary.

How and where Exco plays into this process is still up in the air. However, the notion that Tesla could be looking outside of IDRA for casting is intriguing as Tesla continues to push the envelope of what their factories can assemble.

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