Canada’s EV infrastructure plan is lacking: Report

According to a new report, Canada’s EV charging plan is not very ambitious and leaves Canada behind most countries.

A new Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVMA) report outlines several concerns.

According to the Head of the CVMA, Brian Kingston:

We’re a massive country with a huge network of roads, including in rural and remote areas, where you might not have high volumes of vehicle traffic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build out the infrastructure because people in those communities will require it… Compared to other jurisdictions with similar ZEV goals, Canada has one of the least comprehensive and ambitious charging infrastructure plans. (via Automotive News)

The issue is that with currently planned purchases and existing infrastructure, Canadians will be left with one charger for every 70 EVs by 2030.

Although this might not seem horrible, when compared to other nations, it puts Canada in the bottom third of the world.

  • The US will have about 30 EVs for every charger.
  • In the UK the ratio will be around 35 EVs per charger.
  • China will have approximately 10 EVs per public charger.

These numbers are only public chargers. However, Ottawa knows that they will need to build more. The Federal government added $400 million to Budget 2022 for charger deployments.

However, Natural Resources Canada has not upped their 50,000 charger commitment.

At-home charging will still be the primary charging source.

However, the lack of public chargers may become a frustrating part of taking a road trip with an EV unless the government starts to invest heavily throughout the country.

Canadian Budget Highlights – iZEV program funded over the next 5 years

Source: Automotive News

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