Canada dominates fall Supercharger Voting, sweeping North American leaderboard

It is the start of a new year and that means the closing of another round of Supercharger Voting. For the first time Canada has swept the North American results, taking all five of the top spots in the standings. Along with the closure of the fall voting session, the winter session has opened with a number of new locations across Canada.

Tesla first launched Supercharger voting back in October 2022, allowing anyone with a Tesla account to vote on where future Supercharger stations should be built. In the first round of voting there were 17 sites across Canada, but it was unclear how the votes would be tallied and how the winners would be selected.

Unfortunately the rules weren’t in favour of Canadians, as Tesla lumped together locations from Canada and the US, meaning the sheer volume of votes from south of the border translated into none of the 17 locations in Canada making it into the top 5.

Despite the number of Tesla owners in the US vastly outnumbering their counterparts in Canada, all five of the winning locations in the fall voting session were in Canada – two in Quebec, and one each in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, which also happens to be the very first location in the province.

All of these locations have already been added to Tesla’s Supercharger map, with all of them having a targeted opening date of 2025.

The winter voting session has now opened, and this time there are 18 locations across Canada. Everyone with a Tesla account gets five votes per session. You can also suggest locations for future rounds of voting.

If you want to vote, here’s the link to Tesla’s Supercharger Voting page.

Here is the full list of the winners in the fall 2023 Supercharger Voting session.

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