Bloomberg’s survey results asking Tesla owners what they thought of their car. Surprise, they love it!

The fourth and final segment of Bloomberg’s survey on 5,000 Tesla owners has been released, and with it comes perhaps the most positive, but unsurprising, results of the survey so far.

In a near unanimous result, 99% of Tesla owners responded they would recommend the Model 3 to their family and friends. And many of them reported they already have. Since Tesla does not spend any money on advertising, it relies extensively on word of mouth, and what better way to generate that than by using existing customers.

Except they’re not being used. Tesla makes an incredible car, and once you have experienced it you realize that *this* is what a car should be. Why wouldn’t you want to share that with friends and family? Whatever they’re doing must be working, because Tesla set a record for the number of deliveries in Q3 2019.

Similar results occurred for when asking if they would buy the Model 3 again, and if the Model 3 had exceeded their expectations.

Bloomberg survey owner satisfaction

Bloomberg also asked Tesla owners about their previous cars, and whether they would ever go back to an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle. For many survey respondent, they moved up in purchasing a Tesla, replacing a Honda Accord, Civic, or Toyota Camry.

But overall, the vehicle brand that has been impacted most by Tesla purchases is BMW.

Bloomberg survey previous car

Now that Tesla has entered the mainstream and moved past the early-adopter stage, the upcoming Model Y will be key for its continued success. By expanding the product line-up and entering into new markets, Tesla will be able to transform what people think a car should be, and increase their expectations not only from Tesla, but from other EV manufacturers as well.

You can read the full survey results here.

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