Blink to add NACS to its entire product line

Blink Charger
Credit: Blink Charging

Blink Charging has previously announced their support for Tesla’s North America Charging Standard (NACS), already unveiling a new DC fast-charging model supporting the NACS connector, but now the company has taken it a step further, announcing today it will be integrating NACS into its complete line of charging products.

According to a press release Blink plans to start production of NACS DC fast charger units by October 2023. In addition to expanding its line of DC fast chargers, the company will incorporate NACS connectors into its Level 2 (L2) chargers, which the company says currently constitutes about 90% of EV charging use in the United States.

Thanks to the swift work of their engineers, the new NACS and J1772 dual units are expected to be released in early 2024.

“At the EVS36 Symposium earlier this month, we announced the integration of NACS connectors into our new 240kW DC Fast Charger. Since this exciting announcement, we have diligently advanced the integration of NACS connectors across our entire Blink charger product line. Our goal is to lead, innovate, and adapt as the industry continues its aggressive path towards zero emissions vehicle adoption. Blink supports all OEMs and will ensure we have NACS chargers to meet the needs of GM, Ford, Rivian, and Volvo customers,” said Brendan Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer at Blink Charging.

Many of their Level 2 chargers will be installed at General Motors dealerships. The company has previously announced a deal with GM to install over 40,000 Level 2 chargers at dealers across Canada and the United States as part of the Dealer Community Charging Program. The company says their chargers are the fastest Level 2 charging stations available, capable of producing 80 Amps of output to deliver 19.2kWh to EVs.

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