Audi’s new concept EV brings augmented reality to the road

Audi’s new concept EV is certainly an interesting concept for the German automaker.

The Audi Activesphere EV is an all-electric SUV that uses augmented reality glass and can double as a small pickup.

The augmented reality glass allows a driver to view the gauges, controls and other elements without needing a screen. Without the screens, the dash is clean and unobstructed for both driver and passenger.

The vehicle’s back glass can also slide forward and open up the flatbed trunk. Audi is calling this feature the “Active Bed”.

Audi’s Head of Brand Strategy, Phillip Gundert, had this to say about the new concept:

It’s a completely new range and a new possibility it affords to us. We at Audi are well known for trying out new things with cars … there’s also an Audi tradition to say, ‘Never say never.’ Although there’s no concrete plans, yet.

In addition, the vehicle also has a retractable steering wheel when the car is in self-driving mode. You may recognize this design as the sphere we have seen in four concept vehicles from the automaker.

Like all concept vehicles, this is for show. However, Audi may take some features to inspire design for the next generation of Audi vehicles that will go into production.

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