Amazon’s fleet of Rivian electric delivery vans now tops 3,000

Amazon has provided an update on its growing fleet of Rivian electric delivery vans (EDV), announcing on Thursday they now have over 3,000 Rivian EDVs across the United States.

That figure is still well off their originally stated goal of having 10,000 on the road by the end of 2022, but it is 3 times the number they had as of their most recent update in November last year.

According to the retail giant they first started using the Rivian EDVs in the summer of 2022, and by November had over 1,000 that had delivered over 5 million packages. Now that number has grown to over 3,000, which are operating in more than 500 cities and regions across the country, delivering a total of over 75 million packages.

A blue map of the united states with pins and vehicle icons placed in several states.

Amazon says it is still committed to having 100,000 EDVs on the road by 2030. In addition to the Rivian EDVs, Amazon has also deployed more than 15 models of electric vehicles on the road, including other delivery vehicles, e-cargo bikes, and e-rickshaws, to test and learn from across the U.S., the European Union, and India.

The slow rate of expansion has resulted in Rivian negotiating with Amazon to end their exclusivity deal. The original terms of their 2019 deal granted Amazon exclusive access to the EDV for four years after the first one was delivered, but that was only if Amazon purchased 10,000 EDVs in the first two years after that first delivery.

The company is reportedly only looking to purchase another 10,000 EDVs this year, leading to Rivian seeking to end the exclusivity part of the deal.

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