Porsche Taycan sales rebound, look to close out 2023 on a high

Porsche has seen a rebound in sales on the backs of double-digit increases in deliveries in North America and Europe, including impressive Taycan sales ahead of the expansion of their electric lineup.

In North America, Porsche saw the second-strongest quarter in the company’s history, with just under 20,000 vehicles delivered in the United States alone. The company sold 2,050 Taycan vehicles for their electric lineup, which accounts for just over 10 per cent of their overall vehicle sales. To beat out the 2022 numbers, Porsche only needs to move 2,060 Taycan’s in quarter 4, which should be attainable for the German automaker.

While in Europe, the company continues to have solid sales and noted that Taycan sales are up over 11 per cent globally. Detlev von Platen, a member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, said this in a news release:

Since its market launch in 2019, the Taycan has been a success story. This year, we expect a significant increase in sales compared to the previous year – despite challenges in the supply chain and different development of the BEV markets in the world regions.

Considering the current Porsche BEV lineup is a single vehicle, the Taycan, the launch of the electric Macan cannot come soon enough. In fairness, the company also has plug-in hybrid versions of the Cayenne and Panamera. However, Porsche does not release exact PHEV and ICE sales numbers and instead lumps them together. So, we are unsure of the exact numbers moved.

Either way, Porsche is looking to close out 2023 strong and with the current trends, it looks like the German automaker is well on its way.

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