2022 Kia Niro EV recalled over potential fire risk

Kia has been forced to recall nearly 2,500 Niro EVs in Canada and the United States over concerns related to the high-voltage battery pack that may result in a fire and loss of power to the wheels.

According to the recall documents posted to the Transport Canada and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) websites, the issue stems from the high-voltage battery safety plug, and affects 257 cars in Canada and a further 2,209 units of the 2022 Niro EV in the US.

Kia says the issue is present Niro EVs manufactured between July 21, 2021, and December 2, 2021, with these vehicles being identified through a detailed review of vehicle and supplier production records. According to the automaker, these vehicles may have a defect in the high voltage battery safety plug’s contact surfaces, potentially leading to high electrical resistance over time.

This defect could result in the safety plug overheating and melting, which significantly increases the risk of losing power to the wheels while driving, and may also pose a risk of fire.

Kia says to look out for warning signs like the EV Service Warning light turning on or the smell of melting plastic or smoke, either of which could indicate a problem with the high-voltage battery safety plug.

In response, Kia plans to replace the defective safety plug with a new version. Additionally, the automaker is advising against charging the affected vehicles in garages or covered structures until the repair is completed, and has also promised to reimburse owners for any related repair expenses previously incurred.

You can read the Transport Canada recall here, or read the NHTSA recall notice below.

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