The first Model Y has arrived in Vancouver, delivery expected soon as reservation holders asked to provide registration information

The first deliveries of the Model Y in Canada could begin this week as we’ve just learned that the first Model Y has officially arrived in Vancouver.

The Model Y, which according to our source was delivered to the Vancouver store on Saturday, June 6, 2020, has not yet been scheduled for delivery, but the lucky new owner is expected to be contacted soon.

UPDATE: We just received more information, the Model Y that has arrived in Vancouver is a blue Long Range Model Y with black interior. The delivery is expected to happen this week.

This news follows our breaking story earlier this week that deliveries of the electric SUV would begin this month.

Not long after, reservation holders across Canada were logging into their accounts to find they were now being asked to fill in their registration information (driver’s licence, trade-in, payment information, etc.).

So far the most concrete news we’ve heard is that of the first deliveries happening on the west coast. But it appears the east coast may not be far behind. A Model Y reservation holder in Nova Scotia contacted us to let us know his delivery advisor informed him his Model Y would be manufactured this week.

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