Tesla teases Model Y arrival in Europe ahead of first deliveries

Model Y Europe
Image via Tesla

Tesla updated their Design Studio last month to indicate the first Model Y vehicles that will hit the roads in Europe won’t be coming from Giga Berlin. With a hopefully short delay to the opening of the new factory in Germany, the automaker instead decided to export the electric SUV from Giga Shanghai and begin deliveries in September.

It looks like Tesla is ahead of schedule and deliveries could begin later this week.

Last week Tesla’s Senior Key Account Manager Daniel Riek shared on LinkedIn the “Model Y has arrived in Europe!”. Along with the post he also shared a short promotional video highlighting the milestone.


The post was likely meant to be celebratory, and not an official statement to mark the arrival of the first shipment from China.

According to Tesla ship tracker Morten Grove, no ships with Model Y vehicles on board have arrived at any European ports as of Sunday, August 8.

One ship that has been confirmed to be carrying the made-in-China Model Ys is the Helios Ray. Based on information provided to Drive Tesla reader and Model Y reservation holder @tesla_adri from his Sales Advisor, the ship is scheduled to arrive in the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium on August 17.

The first deliveries could start before then, but it is still unclear which countries will be first to receive the electric SUV first. France may be near the top of the list according to Grove, who said deliveries are scheduled to begin there in about one week.

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