Tesla Model Y shows up at Vaughan Service Center in Ontario. Here’s a close-up look

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you may have missed your opportunity to get an up-close look at the new Model Y.

It was spotted early in the day in the parking lot getting a charge outside the Vaughan Service Center. This appears to be the same Model Y that was first spotted in downtown Toronto last month, and then a few weeks later in Quebec.

Not to let an opportunity to see the highly anticipated electric SUV pass him by, Mark (aka Tesla Backseatballer), raced out to the new Tesla location to see it for himself.

He was lucky enough to be able to park his Model 3 right next to it to get another good size comparison between the two vehicles. Despite not being able to get inside the car, Mark was able to capture some interesting and important differences on the Model Y that we didn’t know about until now.

One of those differences is the B-pillar cameras used for Autopilot. On the Model 3, the cameras have a large, clear oval shape that surrounds them and keeps them sealed off from the rest of the pillar.

Model # (L), Model Y (R)

Often times, this area can develop condensation inside of it, causing an error on the in-car display rendering Autopilot unavailable because it is blocked. The new B-pillar cameras on the Model Y have a much smaller clear area around them, suggesting this might be an important fix for the condensation issue.

Check out the full video to see what other differences Mark was able to find between the Model 3 and the Model Y.

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