Tesla increases range of the Model Y and Model X

In all the excitement over the changes announced tonight for the Model 3, there was also a big change to its big brother, the Model Y.

The Long Range Model Y is now rated for 525km (326 miles), an increase of 16km in range.

New Tesla Model Y design studio

Not to be left out, the Performance Model Y also got a range boost, now up to 488km (303 miles) on a single charge from the original 468km (290 miles).

New Tesla Model Y performance range

Much like the changes to the Model 3, the prices for both variants of the Model Y have remained the same in both Canada and the US.


Model X

We reported earlier this week that it looked like Tesla has increased the range of the Model X based on a Monroney sticker in a recent delivery.

Tesla has now confirmed the change, showing off the new 597km (371 mile) range on its website.Tesla Model X range increase

Tesla also increased the range of the Performance Model S, you can read more about that here.

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