Tesla Model Y emerges as Europe’s best-selling car in 2023

The Tesla Model Y has officially been crowned Europe’s best-seller in 2023. That is not the best-selling electric vehicle (EV), but best-selling car overall, outselling small and affordable hatchbacks that are perennial favourites in the region.

Drive Tesla has reported several times throughout 2023 on how the Model Y had been the best-selling car in Europe for a certain month. The most recent statistics came late in the year, showing that the Model Y was once again the best-selling car in Europe, and that’s its lead over the next closest competitor was likely insurmountable, considering the end-of-year push that Tesla is known for.

The official numbers are now in, and the Model Y was indeed Europe’s favourite car. According to data from Dataforce, compiled from 97% of the regions sales, the electric SUV accumulated 254,822 sales during 2023. That was more than 20,000 units ahead of its next closest competitor, the Dacia Sandero, which had 235,893 sales during the same time period. (via Automotive News Europe)

For some perspective, the Sandero is a small hatchback that is often referred to as Europe’s cheapest car, with a starting price as low as €9,495 (C$13,900) in some countries.

Credit: Dacia UK

Although the data is from 97% of the countries in the region, the lead is expected to hold. This will not only give the Model Y the title of best-selling car in Europe, it is also the first electric car, first midsize car, first premium car, and perhaps most importantly, the first non-European car in the modern era to earn that accolade.

Along with the title of best-selling car for the year, the Model Y also earned that title for seven of the twelve months in the year, claiming the title in February, March, May, June, August, September, and December.

The next title for the Model Y to claim is the worldwide sales leader. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the Model Y is expected to be the best-selling car in the world for 2023.

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