How to install an aftermarket tow hitch on your Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch

When Tesla was road-testing the new Model Y SUV, there were many sightings of it with a tow hitch tucked away inside the bumper. We even saw a tow hitch being used to carry an off-road bike weeks before the first deliveries began.

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But to the surprise of many when those first deliveries began, the vehicle did not come with a tow hitch.

Less than a month later though, Tesla released an official tow hitch option in the Design Studio for an extra $1,300 CAD ($1,000 USD). The tow hitch would be extra expensive for Canadian reservation holders, as adding the accessory would trigger the recent Model Y price increase as well.

Fortunately there are now aftermarket options that cost a lot less at around $300 USD ($420 CAD). Erik Strait of the DÆrik YouTube channel has given us our first look at what it takes to install one on the Model Y.

As with almost any DIY tow hitch install, it’s actually a pretty basic install but requires time and patience to remove and reinstall the necessary parts to gain access behind the rear bumper.

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Check out the full video below to see what it takes to install the tow hitch on the Model Y.

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