Drone flyover shows a new Model Y leaving Giga Shanghai workshop every 38 seconds

giga shanghai
Credit: Wu Wa /YouTube

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla Giga Shanghai produced 56,965 cars in November.

That equates to an annual production rate of 683,000 cars per year, far beyond the automaker’s most recent estimate from the Q3 2021 earnings report of 450,000 per year.

Tesla to spend $188 million to expand Giga Shanghai production capacity

More evidence of the impressive rate of production has been uncovered in a recent drone flyover of the factory on Christmas eve, December 24 2021.

On that day, Tesla China enthusiast and drone operator Wu Wa positioned his drone above the Model Y workshop.

During a 10 minute time period, a total of 16 newly completed Model Ys emerged, or about one every 38 seconds.

In a second 5-minute period, another 7 emerged, or about one every 44 seconds.

At a 100% utilization rate, that works out to between 733,000 and 830,000 Model Ys per year.

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Of course this is just a snapshot in time and Giga Shanghai will never be up and running every second of every day.

It does however give us a good idea of just how quickly Tesla can build a car, and lines up almost exactly with what Tesla thinks they will be able to do achieve Giga Berlin once it opens its doors.

You can watch the full video below.


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