Does this Model Y sighting confirm it will come with a tow hitch?

One of the bigger unknown questions so far about the upcoming Model Y is whether it will officially come with a tow hitch, and have a tow rating.

In the numerous sightings of the electric SUV over the last few months, there have been several showing it with a tow hitch, hidden behind a removable panel on the rear bumper. European customers are able to purchase a Model 3 with an optional tow hitch, but it is not available for North American customers.

Blue Model Y 8
Close-up of the removable panel for the tow hitch – Photo by Zack (@BLKMDL3)

Similarly, Tesla’s online Design Studio does not list a tow hitch as an option for the Model Y in any market, but this latest sighting may be the best evidence yet that it may end up coming with one.

Spotted by Robert Rorschach in California this past weekend and posted to Twitter by Spotting Teslas Since 2008, it shows a blue prototype Model Y with a hitch mounted dirt bike carrier, with a dirt bike attached.

This is the first example of a Model Y actually making use of the tow hitch. While it’s obviously not a trailer, it gives us a good indication that Tesla may be testing out the capabilities of the tow hitch. If a Tesla employee was given a Model Y for the weekend, it’s almost certain that they would not have installed a dirt bike carrier and taken it out in public without the proper approvals.

Do you think the Model Y will end up coming with a tow hitch at standard equipment? Let us know in the comments below.

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