Could Canada be getting the first batch of Model Y deliveries with the 7-seat configuration? [Rumour]

When Tesla announced the Model Y, one of the more exciting features was that it would come with an optional third row of seats, giving it the ability to hold 7 passengers.

As time went by, many began wondering how a third row would fit in the Model Y, given the dimensions of the electric SUV. Tesla to this day has not released any official images of what the 7-seat configuration looks like, so we were left with glimpses of it from videos, and leaked images purported to show a cramped third row.

According to Tesla’s Design Studio, the seven seat interior won’t be available until 2021 (for an extra $4,000 CAD), but it appears Tesla may be ahead of schedule, and Canada could be getting the first batch of 7-seater Model Y’s.

Tesla Model Y third row

We told you last week about Tesla Vancouver and Tesla Oakville calling Model Y reservation holders to confirm their deliveries, but now the first customer with a 7-seat reservation has also been told to expect delivery in the June/July timeframe.

He goes on explain that he has reservations for the Performance Model Y with the 5-seat configuration, and a second Performance Model Y with the 7-seat configuration. To make sure they weren’t confusing the reservations, he was able to confirm with Tesla Oakville that the call was about the 7-seater, as he had another call last week about his 5-seat reservation.

As with any rumour, this one should be taken with a grain of salt. If true, that would put deliveries of the 7-seat configuration more than 6 months ahead of schedule, and only a few months after the release of the 5-seat configuration in the US. It is also possible the Tesla employee calling was confused and mistakenly told him the 7-seater was coming soon.

Do you have a reservation for a 7-seat configuration Model Y and received the same call? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at driveteslacanada AT

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