BREAKING: Tesla Model Y deliveries will begin in Canada later this month

The wait is finally over as we can confirm that Tesla will begin deliveries of the Model Y in Canada this month.

Drive Tesla Canada received confirmation from the Tesla Vancouver store that there is no confirmed date, but that deliveries will begin “in the next few weeks.”

Delivery preference will be given to Performance configurations, much like what happened in the US. Long Range configurations will also begin in June, according to our source.

In addition to deliveries beginning, the Tesla Park Royal showroom will hopefully have a demo vehicle arriving that will be available for viewing and test drives this month.

If you have a Performance Model Y on order, Tesla recently changed the configuration options for the electric SUV. Potential owners can now order the Performance Model Y with the 20” Induction wheels at no charge, which offer over 50km more range than the 21″ Uberturbine wheels, at no cost.

Let us know in the comments below if you have recently received an update from Tesla on your Model Y reservation in Canada.

UPDATE: The deliveries will be based on reservation date, with the earliest pre-orders getting the first deliveries. More recent reservations will be placed in a queue, and move up based on people passing on deliveries for other reasons, like waiting for the 7-seat option or they’re just not ready to accept delivery.

UPDATE 2: Tesla has confirmed the report, and officially posted a statement to a Tesla Owners Vancouver Facebook group, sent in by one of our readers.

Tesla Vancouver Model Y statement

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