Tesla updates Model S/X with larger rear screen

Tesla is always making continuous improvements to their vehicles. Sometimes these updates take place “under the hood,” like the single-piece rear casting, while other times they are more visible changes, like going from chrome to black trim.

The latest update falls in that latter category, as Tesla has updated the Model S (and presumably the Model X) with a larger rear screen.

The larger rear screen was first shared by Vlad Ionut on Facebook, who noticed the change while attempting to add a screen protector designed for the original version. As you can see in the image below the change is quite substantial (all things considered).

On the left is the previous version of the screen, and the bezels (black borders) are about one inch thick. On the right is the new screen, showing the bezels are significantly smaller. (click to enlarge image)

We have been unable to confirm when this change made it into production, or whether existing owners will be able to pay to have the larger screen installed. It was also not clarified if the new screen brings with it the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones. If we are able to obtain this information we will update this article.

Unfortunately this was the only image of the new screen shared, but if you have taken delivery of a new Model S or Model X recently, go out and check your car to see which version you have. If you have the new one, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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