Tesla switching back to all-season tires on the Model S

Back in July Tesla made a change to their Model S production line, switching from all-season tires to summer tires. Tesla said at the time this change was to “provide the best tires for Model S customers for the current season.”

Based on the wording of “current season,” we presumed that Tesla would switch back to all-season tires in time for the fall. According to an internal email sent to employees obtained by Drive Tesla, they are switching back to all-seasons, but not quite in time for fall for many owners in colder parts of the country.

Starting in mid-October, Tesla will be transitioning to all-season tires on the 21″ Arachnid wheels, meaning the first deliveries with them will likely only begin in late October at the earliest.

If you are waiting for a Model S with 19″ Tempest wheels, they won’t be transitioned to all-season tires until mid-January 2023, well into the snow and ice season in most of Canada and the northern US.

The new tires will offer improved range and comfort according to Tesla, but will also come with a lower top speed, dropping from 155mph (250km/h) to 149mph (240kmh).

Unfortunately the communication didn’t specify what brand the all-season tires will be, but based on previous experience the 21″ tires will likely be Michelin Pilot Sport AS4, and the 19″ tires will probably be the Continental ProContact RX.

If you are expecting delivery in one of these time frames and you live in a colder climate, we still suggest purchasing a good set of winter tires for your car as they offer superior grip and performance in cold weather.

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