Tesla Starts Delivering Model S in Japan

Tesla has officially begun deliveries of the updated Model S in Japan. After two years of waiting from the start of car deliveries in the United States, customers are happy to receive their vehicles. The company opened an opportunity to order the new Model S in May.

Tesla customers in Japan were happy this weekend. The company has begun deliveries of the long-awaited refreshed Model S, which it shared on its X account. This comes after just over two years of waiting after cars were first delivered to US customers in July 2021 and four months after orders were opened.

Tesla is giving its customers in Japan who buy Model S and Model X three years of free unlimited supercharging with their purchase. Local customers are very happy to take delivery and say it was worth the wait. @uCCIcreatist/X shared his positive emotions.

“While the world is excited about the iPhone 15, Tesla’s new Model S was quietly officially delivered in Japan today. I went to Ariake for a car delivery event and got it. It was worth the nearly two and a half years of waiting, and it’s a truly amazing brand. I want to enjoy Tesla life from now on.”

Tesla opened the possibility of ordering Model S and Model X in Japan in mid-May 2023. The company clarified that it only offers left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles and has no plans to supply right-hand drive vehicles. While the news upset some, many enthusiasts were pleased to be able to order the cars, even if they were left-hand drive. Plus, in Japanese culture, owning a left-hand drive car is a status symbol, so some Japanese Tesla customers will probably be happy.

Model S in Japan starts at ¥12,969,000 (about $87,480). Model S Plaid starts at ¥15,969,000 (about $107,700). Model X starts at ¥14,469,000 (about $97,780). Model X Plaid starts at ¥16,669,000 (about $112,440).

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