Tesla owner reaches 1,000,000km in 2013 Model S P85+

When Hansjörg Gemmingen bought his 2013 Model S P85+ in 2014, he probably didn’t think that in 5 years he would rack up 1,000,000km on the odometer. Many people probably didn’t think Tesla would ever make it to 2019, let alone be setting record delivery numbers in consecutive quarters and posting quarterly profits as the biggest EV automaker in the world. But both have happened, and Gimmengen has the pictures and video to prove his amazing odometer accomplishment.

In reaching the 1,000,000km mark, the Model S is on it’s second battery, with this one racking up over 470,000km. Due to some motor issues early on in the life the vehicle, he has had to have the rear motor replaced 4 times, with the latest one in the vehicle racking up 640,000km.

This also isn’t his only high-mileage Tesla, as Gemmingen also owns an original Tesla Roadster with 633,000km!

If you average it out, Gemmingen has driven his Model S 200,000km every year, or 16,667km every month since he purchased it in 2014. That’s as many kilometers in a month as many people do in a full year. To rack up so many kilometers, Gemmingen says he prefers to drive instead of flying when travelling. He must travel a lot to have a combined 1.63 million kilometers on his two Tesla’s.

Gemmingen says he has no plans to sell or get rid of the vehicle, with his next goal of reaching 1,000,000 miles, or even 2,000,000km. His next planned road trip to China will definitely help him reach that goal.

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