LAPD is joining the ranks and are now testing a Tesla Model S cruiser

It appears the Tesla bug is starting to make its way to police departments. Just yesterday we told you about the Westport CT police department adding a Performance Tesla Model 3 to their fleet. That was on the heels of other police departments realizing the benefits of switching to electric cruisers.

Now the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Hollywood Division is also looking into the possibility of adding Tesla vehicles to their fleet, as they have agreed to test out a Model S. They now join the Fremont Police Department just north of them in the Bay Area, who also have a Tesla Model S police cruiser. It was mistakenly reported earlier this year that the Fremont Model S had run out of charge during a pursuit, but it was later clarified that it never actually ran out of charge, and the pursuit ended because the suspect got away.

The LAPD announced the new Tesla cruiser in posts to both their Facebook and Twitter pages. They also warned anyone thinking of trying to outrun the Tesla better think twice. From the pictures we can tell it’s a used Model S because of the older nosecone.

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