Former Top Gear host buys a Tesla Model S

James May Tesla Model S

After last week’s debacle where Top Gear apparently staged an episode of the BBC hit show where they put a Tesla Model S up against a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, a former host of the show doesn’t think they’re all that bad, and purchased one for himself.

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James May, former host of Top Gear known by the nickname “Captain Slow”, revealed on YouTube the latest addition to his stable, a blue Tesla Model S. In the video, May points out that he finds the interior rather bland compared to vehicles like a Mercedes S Class, or Bentley, but at the same time finds the interiors of those vehicles a bit much. He also shows off the frunk (or fr-boot if you’re in Britain) and trunk space, and the unique car shaped key fob.

In the end, May admits that electric vehicles are not as special as they once were. That is in large part attributable to Tesla and how they have been able to bring EV’s to the mainstream. EV’s are now becoming commonplace, and will soon become just “cars” instead of “electric cars”.

Watch the full video of James May discussing his new Tesla Model S.

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