DurteDom now says he wasn’t behind the wheel of the Model S after his TikTok account gets banned

Facing a tidal wave of backlash that resulted in his TikTok account being banned, Dominykas Zeglaitis (otherwise known as DurteDom on social media) is now saying he wasn’t behind the wheel of the flying Model S.

Over the weekend a video emerged of a rented Model S flying through the air and crashing into several garbage cans and parked cars. Miraculously no one was injured in the stunt, but it quickly went viral.

Soon after, another video appeared on TikTok, where Zeglaitis gloated that he was the driver of the vehicle. The TikTok’er also mocked the LAPD, who had offered a $1,000 reward for information on the driver.

DurteDom gloats on TikTok after LAPD offers $1,000 reward for information on driver of Tesla Model S stunt jump in Echo Park

Apparently facing the realization that it is not a joke and there are serious legal consequences for those involved in the stunt, Zeglaitis is now claiming he was not the one behind the wheel.

In a video posted to his YouTube account, Zeglaitis said he made the videos to capitalize on the stunt and “fooled all of America” through some clever editing all with the end goal of “more fame.”

He also attempted to blame the media, including Drive Tesla which was featured in his video, for wanting to “capitalize on the downfall of public figures and if they don’t have a story to attack, they will create one,” a statement quite ironic since he would not be in this position if he had not claimed to be the driver in the first place.

There has been at least one serious consequence for Zeglaitis – his TikTok account has been banned, removing a significant source of his income.

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