Yonkers Police Department adds Tesla Model 3 to its fleet

In celebration of Earth Week, the Yonkers Police Department in New York unveiled their first all-electric Tesla Model 3 cruiser Friday.

At a press conference Yonkers Police Deputy Chief Chris Sapienza said the Tesla will first join the police department’s traffic unit to test its range and how to efficiently plan charging it.

Yonkers Police Model 3
Image via Mayor Mike Spano /Facebook

Sapienza was also quick to praise the benefits of the electric police cruiser.

“Aside from being ecologically sensible, this vehicle offers advantages over conventional police vehicles – they are faster, they require less maintenance, and their onboard computer systems are more compatible with current police systems. They are all-wheel drive, and they use a safer and more efficient mechanical braking system.”

Even though the electric sedan has a higher upfront cost than their traditional cruisers, he expects to make up that extra cost within two years.

“We still have to pay for the electricity, but it’s about 15-20% what we would normally pay to gas these vehicles, and between the less maintenance and less fuel, we estimate that within two years we’re gonna see a dramatic savings,” he said. 

The Tesla is going to be the first of many EVs to join the Yonkers police force. Sapienza said they are looking to order several more this year, and hopes to expand it further with a new budget next year.

Yonkers Model 3
Image via @NasserIbrahim /Twitter
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