First Canadian refreshed Tesla Model 3 delivered in Vancouver, BC

The first refreshed Tesla Model 3 delivered in Canada was handed over to the lucky new owner in Vancouver, B.C. today, just two days after the first reported delivery in the US.

Much like the Model 3 delivered to David Narayan in Utah, the Model 3 delivered to Mahdi Askarzadeh is also a Standard Range Plus (SR+) Midnight Silver Metallic version equipped with the new 18″ aero wheels.

In two videos posted to YouTube, Askarzadeh goes over a number of the new features in the car, including removing the aero caps revealing the slightly updated naked aero wheels.

Askarzadeh also gives us a detailed look at the new center console, and for the first time we get to see just how much storage space there is under the new integrated wireless charger.

Model 3 wireless charger

In his second video, Askarzadeh also confirms his vehicle does not have the rumoured heating steering wheel, as there are no controls on the touchscreen to turn it on.

This Canadian delivery was much earlier than anticipated. Based on the information we have received, it appears deliveries of SR+ Model 3’s are happening first, with the Long Range and Performance variants arriving at a later date.

If you are expecting delivery of your refreshed Model 3 in Canada soon, leave us a comment down below letting us know your delivery date, and what version you orderd.

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