The list of things not to do in your Tesla while on Autopilot definitely includes juggling

According to Tesla’s website, Autopilot is an advanced safety and convenience feature that is designed to assist you “with the most burdensome parts of driving”. They also state that “…Autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous”. But it appears there are still some people that don’t quite get it.

One of those people is Dougal Vlogs on YouTube, who seems to have a habit of filming himself doing stupid things in his Tesla, like juggling.

It appears as though his antics have caught up with him, as his latest video is of him crashing his Tesla Model 3 while filming himself doing 75mph (120km/h) in less than ideal driving conditions while on Autopilot.

He likes to blame the Tesla and its Autopilot feature for the crash, but it is clear from the video that it was his unsafe driving that caused the crash. Driving at those speeds in wet conditions like that is not ideal. Add to that the fact he didn’t have his hands on the steering wheel and was not paying attention to the road and too busy filming himself to attempt to correct the vehicle hydroplaning (although it probably would have been a futile attempt at correction).

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These kinds of videos are once again a good reminder to always be alert when Autopilot is engaged, keeping your hands on the wheel so that you can be ready to take control at any moment. And don’t do stupid things like filming yourself juggling.

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