Tesla Model 3 owner uses car as battering ram to help save friend from kidnapping [Video]

It is a good thing Tesla’s Safety Score Beta is only available in the United States. If it were available in Taiwan, one Model 3 owner would certainly have a score near zero after what happened Friday.

But it would have been worth it as he was able to save his friend from a potential kidnapping by using his car as a battering ram.

The incident took place on Friday, October 8 2021 in the Linkou District near Taipei. The owner of a satin black wrapped Model 3 got in a slight fender bender with a rented Toyota Vios (Yaris in North America).

According to local police, the driver of the Model 3 and the four occupants of the Toyota got out to inspect the damage. As can sometimes happen after an accident, emotions were high and heated words were exchanged, leading to the Tesla owner being punched and attacked by the four assailants.

They apparently weren’t content with just beating him up, and reportedly tried to force the man into the Toyota. Luckily a white Model 3 owner, who happened to be a friend, came upon the scene.

After realizing what was going on, he decided to accelerate straight into the Toyota.

A witness to the incident was able to capture it on camera, showing the Toyota trying to leave the scene, but the white Tesla hitting it repeatedly in an attempt to get it to stop.

Photos of the aftermath show both cars suffered extensive damage, particularly the front end of the Model 3 which was used as a battering ram multiple times.

The driver of the black Tesla was treated for his injuries and released. The four occupants of the Toyota fled the scene before police arrived, but they were able to track the driver down.

They were also able to obtain the identities of the other three parties involved from the rental company, and all have been arrested for “disrupting order, disrupting freedom, and damage.” (translated from Chinese)

You can watch the video of the incident below.


Source: UDN.com

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