Tesla’s safety record proves itself again in head-on collision

Tesla vehicles are well known for their impressive safety record, having won numerous awards around the world.

Those safety features were put on full display this past weekend after a Model 3 was involved in a head-on collision with a large pickup truck at a high rate of speed.

According to Tesla Columbus Ohio Owners, one of their members Jen Dunlap was travelling along a highway at 70mph (112km/h) when a drunk driver travelling in the wrong direction collided with her Model 3, resulting in both vehicles being complete write-offs.

As you can see from the photos, the impact was so violent the pickup truck was flipped over onto its roof with extensive damage to the front end. The Model 3 didn’t fare much better, with one of the wheels being torn off and the right side severely damaged.

Fortunately for Jen and her passenger, they were both able to walk away from the massive accident and were treated only for a sprained ankle and broken rib.

The driver of the pickup truck was arrested at the scene and taken to jail for what is believed to be their second DUI this year.

According to the Twitter post, Jen credits Elon Musk and the Tesla designers for likely saving their lives with such a safe car. Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to disagree with her.

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