New Tesla Model 3’s with LFP batteries no longer have daily/trip battery charge recommendations in the app

A few months ago Tesla Customer Support in China revealed customers with the new LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries could charge their batteries to 100% without adversely impacting the health of the battery pack.

Now the first customers in Europe are taking delivery of the first batch of imported Model 3’s from Giga Shanghai with the new batteries, and Tesla has made a change to the mobile app.

Previously the charging screen in the app would have recommended charge levels for both daily use, with a bracketed range of between 50% and 80%. For 90% to 100% charges, the app classified that range as being only for a ‘trip’.

With the new LFP batteries, the only recommended charge limits are between 50% and 100%.

When the news that the LFP batteries could be charged to 100% was revealed, many questioned whether it was true because it came from a customer support agent, who are known to not always have the most up to date information. But with these changes to the app, it confirms that Tesla believes you can fully charge the battery on a regular basis.

These new charging habits are in direct contrast to what Tesla has recommended up to this point for their conventional NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum) batteries. For those vehicles, Tesla said a full charge should only happen if you are about to go on a long drive, and leaving it at 100% would harm the battery.

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