Tesla, Kia and Nissan electric vehicles are the most reliable: Consumer Reports

Tesla has ranked highly in an EV reliability survey conducted by Consumer Reports, joined at the top by Nissan and Kia.

Consumer Reports conducts surveys that reach hundreds of thousands of car owners, allowing them to vote on the reliability of different automobiles. Consumer Reports uses the data to predict the reliability of new models from the same companies.

Tesla’s Model 3 came second as the most reliable EV on the market. Consumer Reports got data going back to 2018 and found that even the older models had either average or better reliability.

The Model 3 was only bested by the new 2022 Kia EV6. However, Consumer Reports noted that since the EV6 was only just release it is yet known if it will match the Model 3’s proven record of reliability with time.

In third place was the 2nd-gen Nissan Leaf, with Consumer Reports noting that it, along with the Model 3, had very few problems with its batteries, electric motors, or charging.

Consumer Reports is recommending all three EVs.

The publication also noted that EV owners reported problems mainly with the battery packs, charging, electric motors, and heating and cooling systems. However, Consumer Reports said this is “due in part to the fact that the latest wave of electric vehicles ride on all-new platforms, rather than benefiting from carrying over major components from existing production cars, as is the norm.”

Consumer Reports also noted that the Model 3 is the most reliable of Tesla cars, despite being the most affordable. The publication noted that the reliability of the Model Y has improved over the years but “still shows some suspension issues and body hardware problems associated with closing the hatch, and paint and trim.”

For the Model S and Model X, air suspension issues were noted as a problem for both flagship vehicles.

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