Tesla confirms Model 3 Performance to return in early 2024 with upgrades

When Tesla debuted the upgraded Model 3 earlier this year, notably absent from the announcement was the Performance variant. According to Tesla’s Director, Vehicle Programs and New Product Introduction, it will be making a comeback in early 2024, and with some “pretty special” upgrades.

The information was revealed by Daniel Ho, who for the last 8 years has worked closely on the Model 3 program, while at the launch event for the new Model 3 in Sydney, Australia. In a discussion with carsales, Ho said that the new Model 3 Performance will bring to fruition everything Tesla wanted to do with the electric sedan when it first launched in 2018, but couldn’t because of the “production hell” the company was going through to scale production.

While Ho didn’t provide any specifics, only saying it will be “pretty special,” he did confirm that the top-of-the-line Model 3 will retain the Performance moniker, despite recent leaks in Tesla’s manuals that show it will feature a ‘Ludicrous’ badge instead.

What we already knew about the upgraded Model 3 Performance backs up these claims. As we reported earlier this year we expect it to maintain the dual-motor configuration, but one of those will be upgraded to a Plaid motor from the Model S/X, giving it improved acceleration and higher top-end speed. We also know it will included new “Sport” brakes and suspension components, along with a new 20″ wheel design (#1 and #4 in the picture below).


Credit: Tesla

While this is good news about the Model 3 Performance, we still don’t have a firm date for when the updated Model 3 will land in North America. When the refresh design was launched in China, we reported that Tesla was informing employees not to expect it to arrive in Canada or the US until early 2024. Based on Ho’s comments, it looks like when it does finally come to North America, the Performance variant will be included at launch.

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