Tesla Wins Case Against Shanghai Auto Show Protester

Tesla has won a lawsuit against one of the Chinese women who protested at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021. The court ordered her to make a public apology for her actions and pay damages.

On November 22, the court ruled on Tesla’s lawsuit against a woman protesting at the Shanghai Auto Show. It was ruled that Ms. Li was liable for infringement of reputation and must publicly apologize to Tesla and compensate for the loss, while also bearing the vehicle appraisal fee, according to Pandaily. The loss only emphasized that the woman purposefully spoiled Tesla’s reputation without having any real reasons for dissatisfaction.

Her Tesla Model 3 was involved in a traffic accident in March 2021. On April 19, 2021, Ms. Li from Xi’an and Ms. Zhang, who has already lost several cases to Tesla, appeared in T-shirts with the words “Brake Failure” at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. The women gathered a crowd and lied about the company, damaging its reputation.

During Ms. Li’s case, the court ordered a forensic appraisal agency to evaluate the vehicle. The evaluation stated that the Tesla Model 3’s braking system is technically sound and effective, and there is no situation where the brake pedal cannot be pressed or braking performance is reduced, which meets the relevant technical standards.

The court’s decision requires the defendant, Ms. Li, to remove all remarks and comments that harm Tesla’s reputation that she posted on Sina Weibo. She is also required to apologize to the company in writing on Sina Weibo.

The woman who protested with Ms. Li, Ms. Zhang, also lost several Tesla cases in court. She sued Tesla because her car was involved in an accident in 2021. The police found the driver guilty after the father of a protesting woman crashed into two cars and injured two people in a Tesla Model 3 in February. The company also released data confirming that the car was in good working order. However, despite the police report and Tesla’s information, the woman continued to claim the car had a faulty brake system.

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