Tesla begins notifying Canadian Model 3 and Model S owners about latest recall – here’s what you need to know

Last week Tesla issued a recall impacting nearly 500,000 Model S and Model 3 vehicles. For Model 3 owners, the issue revolves around the loss the backup camera due to excessive wear of the coaxial cable in the trunk lid.

For Model S owners there is an issue with the front trunk (frunk) latch causing it to possibly become misaligned.

At around 9:00pm PST last night, Tesla started contacting owners in Canada regarding both recalls – here’s what you need to know.

Model 3 Recall

Most importantly, there is no action required at this time for Model 3 owners. The email is simply a notification your car may be impacted, and Tesla will notify you when they are ready to inspect your vehicle.

Tesla also suggests the tried and true method of shoulder checks if your camera fails.

No immediate action is required if you own a Model 3 vehicle affected by this recall. If you experience a loss of rearview camera display, you may continue to operate the vehicle by performing a shoulder check and using your mirrors when backing. Tesla will contact you to schedule a service appointment when parts become available in your region and inspect and retrofit your vehicle, all free of charge.

Model S Recall

The instructions are different for Model S owners. According to the email, a copy of which was provided to us by one of our readers Jon (@that_tesla_guy), owners are being advised to set up a mobile service appointment to have their latch inspected and possibly replaced.

You can read more details about both recalls here. Both emails are included below.model s email

recall email


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