Tesla adds audible pedestrian warning to cars to comply with new regulations

It was learned today that beginning September 1, 2019, Tesla will now add a pedestrian sound warning system to their Model 3 lineup in order to comply with recent regulations in the US and EU.

According to an internal memo obtained by Electrek, staff have been informed of the change.

“Starting September 1, 2019, all Model 3 cars built for the US market now come with a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) to meet US requirements.”

The new sound will be played while at low speeds (30kmh or 19mph or under) while either in drive or reverse.

“The Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) is an audible tone played when the vehicle is moving slowly (up to 19 mph) in either Drive or Reverse. The sound is played via a speaker mounted in the front fascia and alerts nearby pedestrians of the car’s presence in low-speed situations.”

The memo also noted the location of the speaker, and also that at a future date, a similar device will be added to the Model S and Model X. Even though the memo states it is only for US vehicles, Canadian vehicles will be equipped with the new speaker as well.

Do you think a pedestrian warning sound should be added to all Tesla vehicles, and all EV’s in general?

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