Tesla China updates range of Performance Model 3 to 635km

Tesla Model 3 China

After recently winning approval to produce Model 3’s in China with LFP batteries, Tesla has updated the range estimate

As Tesla Model 3’s continue to fly off the production line in China with record sales in recent months, the Performance Model 3 got a new range estimate which has now been updated on Tesla’s Design Studio.

Before the update the Performance Model 3, which starts at ¥419,800 ($81,000 CAD), had a New European Driving Cycle
(NEDC) rating of 530km.

Now it has received a significant bump as listed on the Design Studio with a new rating of 635km.

It is important to keep in mind that the NEDC rating is always more optimistic than the EPA ratings we see here in North America. But this new rating brings it more in line with the Long Range (LR) Model 3 in China, which still has a rating of 668km.

It is presumed the battery pack in the Model 3 has remained the same at 75kWh. This update is likely similar to what we have seen recently with the Model S becoming the first EV with an EPA range of over 400 miles (643km) thanks to updates in efficiency with the existing battery pack.

For comparison the XPeng P7, which some consider to be the best Model S competitor in China, has a NEDC rating of 706km (438 miles) from a 80kWh battery pack.

While it wouldn’t account for all of the updated range, the Performance Model 3 in China does come with the 19″ Gemini wheels as standard, and not the 20″ Sport wheels offered in North America. With the smaller and lighter wheels, the Performance Model 3 in China should achieve a better range than compared to a Canadian version.

In other Tesla China news, the automaker also recently gained approval to begin producing Model 3’s in China with LFP batteries, although that is likely not the reason for this range update.

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