Model 3 reservation holders in China have begun receiving notices updating them on delivery

It didn’t take long after Tesla received approval to begin selling their cars in China that some of the early reservation holders have begun to receive update notices from Tesla, indicating deliveries should start soon.

For those customer who ordered Blue, White, and Midnight Silver Model 3’s (via Tesmanian), the update notice from Tesla indicated they would be contacted soon by a Tesla specialist to arrange the details of their delivery. Other information included:

  • Requirements for the installation of home chargers and fees
  • Vehicle registration info for the reservation holder’s Model 3
  • The Model 3’s loan and insurance—if necessary
  • The second payment and remaining balance payment
  • The delivery location and date

The fact that only reservation holders of those colours received the notice makes sense as recent photos and drone footage from outside Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai show parking lots full of these colours.

This news also comes on the heels of a recent report indicating that Tesla will soon begin to raise the prices on imported Model 3’s in China, indicating deliveries are imminent.

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