MILES adds Tesla Model 3 to its car-sharing fleet in Germany

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not only gaining in popularity among the average consumer, but also among car rental companies and car sharing services.

The latest to join the trend is Germany’s largest independent car sharing service MILES, which recently added the Tesla Model 3 to its fleet of vehicles.

According to the company’s website, the Model 3 is available for €74 ($102 CAD/$81 USD) per day.

If you only need it for a quick ride to the store, you can also have it for a rate of €1.19 per km ($1.64 CAD/$1.31 USD).

That makes the electric sedan its most expensive passenger car available on the service.

What many might consider a comparable vehicle, the Audi A4, is available for €0.89 per km ($1.23 CAD/ $0.98 USD) or €49 per day ($67 CAD/$54 USD).

MILES also offers one other electric option – the VW ID.3.

It is available for €0.89 per km, or €39 per day ($54 CAD/$43 USD).



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