Made in China Tesla Model 3 SR+ now includes floor mats as standard equipment

Tesla has updated the standard equipment for the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 to include floor mats.

The change so far appears to only impact Model 3’s coming from Giga Shanghai. David Cao, a soon-to-be owner SR+ owner in Australia was notified of the change via text message this morning.

Although the change appears to be in production already, Tesla’s website has yet to be updated. In reviewing the Model 3 product pages for Canada, the US, China, and Australia, all of them still list the floor mats in the SR and SR+ as being an “available accessory.”

Floor mats
Image via Tesla

Despite this, we are confident it has taken place as a source told Drive Tesla several weeks ago to expect to see it soon.

As with other changes that have shown up at Giga Shanghai first, it will not be surprising to see this also apply to cars being made at Fremont in the very near future.

Although this is a nice change, it won’t have a huge impact for most new owners, especially in Canada where almost everyone purchases all-weather floor mats to protect the carpet interior from snow, mud, and ice.

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