Here are the new Tesla OEM mud flaps and splash guards for your Model 3

Last month Tesla quietly announced a new ‘All-Weather’ kit was coming for Canadian Tesla owners, except those in British Columbia.

At the time, no additional information was available other than the kit would only be for the front wheels. A few weeks later we posted a photo to Twitter showing a first-look at the new mud flaps.

Now we have an up-close and detailed look at the new ‘All-Weather Protection Kit’ from Tesla thanks to these photos from Paul Hindle.

As you can see from the photos below, the mud flaps are quite small. They come in two seperate pieces per side, with one covering more of the rocker panel underneath the vehicle, and the other one being the actual flap. They do also come with what appears to be a second set of mud flaps, but these are in fact extenders for the front flaps, to provide more coverage.

While it is nice to see Tesla acknowledging the need for mud flaps for Canadian drivers (come on, add BC, we get snow too in parts of the province), but it appears that aftermarket options for mud flaps are a better idea. They are available at a low price, and typically comes in a set for all 4 wheels, not just the front like the Tesla kit. If you want to purchase an aftermarket set, we recommend this set from Amazon for just $28.99.

Here is what Paul had to say about the kit and the installation process.

“I picked up the kit while at the Mississauga service center yesterday and decided to install them myself. It wasn’t overly difficult but if I had to do it again during the winter, when the car is wet and covered with mud, I’d have them do it.

They give you the option of just installing the smaller splash guard or the full mud flap which is what most of us will do I think.

There is one additional push clip under the car holding the wheel arch liner which they overlooked in the instructions.

They don’t mention anything about jacking up the car but I did. It made accessing the 10mm bolt and lower push clip much easier.”

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