German YouTubers convert Tesla Model 3 into a tank

We have previously seen a Canadian turn a Tesla Model 3 into an electric snowmobile by installing specially fitted snow tracks on the rear wheel hubs.

Then there was Dave Sparks, otherwise known as Heavy D from the Diesel Brothers, who converted all four wheels of a Model S with Camso tracks, turning it into what may be the ultimate winter toy.

Not to be outdone, a group of YouTubers based in Germany called ‘The Real Life Guys’ have made those modifications look like child’s play by converting a Model 3 into a full-on electric tank.

According to the video, the conversion took four weeks to complete, which saw them add giant tracks to the Model 3 using 1.3-ton chains.

The setup gives the Model 3, which you can barely see behind the massive chains, 31″ of ground clearance, slightly more than the standard 5.5″ from the factory.

The team also installed a 6-ton winch to the front just in case they get a little too confident in the Model 3 tank’s ability to cover rough terrain.

Unfortunately there is only a short clip of the tank driving into a garage, but hopefully we see it out in the wild soon.

You can check out the full video below.

Source: Electrek

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