City of Sudbury unveils fleet of Tesla Model 3s for paramedic use

The City of Sudbury, Ontario has become the first jurisdiction in Canada, and possibly the world, to add not one but four Tesla Model 3 vehicles to its fleet for paramedic use.

The four Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3s were delivered to the city on June 15 and went into service earlier this month on August 5. The EVs are used by Community Paramedics for non-emergency use, so no interior modifications were necessary. The trunks and frunks were outfitted with defibrillators, medical kits and other supplies just in case they do need to respond to an emergency before an ambulance can arrive on scene.

On the exterior a reflective paramedic decal package was also added to make sure the vehicles are visible at all times.

Sudbury Paramedic Model 3.jpg side
Image via Devin Arthur / EV Society Sudbury

The purchase was first announced on Earth Day in April, and was made as part of the city’s recently adopted Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP). One of the goals of that plan is to electrify 100% of the transit and city fleet of vehicles by 2035.

In an interview with Drive Tesla, the city says the cost of the vehicles ($47K CAD each after the iZEV incentive) was funded entirely through the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care’s Community Paramedicine Program. Even though the upfront cost to buy the Model 3s was higher than comparable gas cars, the city expects to save money over a three year period due to lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Sudbury Paramedic Model 3 front
Image via Devin Arthur / EV Society Sudbury

The 423km (263 mile) range of the SR+ will also be more than enough for their daily use, even in the dead of winter. The city says each car will travel about 150-200km (93-124 miles) per day. To make sure the cars are ready to go, they are plugged into the four Level 2 EV chargers already installed at Paramedic headquarters between shifts.

The Model 3s aren’t the only electrified vehicles in Sudbury’s paramedic fleet. The city also has three hybrid ambulances, and will have another three delivered later this year.

Sudbury Paramedic Model 3 aerial
Image via Devin Arthur / EV Society Sudbury
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